Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring play should be about the outdoors

Okay, so I know we are a toy retailer and I know that selling toys is what we do.  But also, I know that children don't need toys to have a good, productive play experience.  That might sound odd coming from a guy who sells toys for a living, but I have children too, and I know that their minds are filled with big ideas and the world is their canvas.  Send your kids outside, if they are bored, offer them congratulations and express interest in learning how they decide to fill their time.  What an opportunity.  The Spring is a wonderful time of year for children to re-acquaint themselves with the outdoors.  Watch the birds teaching their offspring how to hunt for worms and insects in the grass.  Visit a park, and let the kids make new best friends in 10 minutes.  Life outdoors is a wonderful thing, and the more children familiarize themselves with climbing trees, rubbing dirt on their hands and playing with nature, the more they'll understand their role as a part of their environment.

Have fun. Enjoy this mild and blooming time of year.

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